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Our Cleaning Services
Our Cleaning Services

Our Cleaning Services

When hiring a cleaning service, there are a few things to consider. If nothing else, the cleaning you receive should be based on your needs to better suit you. Customized cleaning is what it's all about, and no one knows this better than Merry Maids.

Having over 38 years of cleaning experience has allowed us to become more flexible with the cleaning services we offer. This all adds up to a quality performance ideally suited to your cleaning needs.

How do we know what your cleaning needs are? We ask you during your consultation, of course! It gives you the chance to have your questions about our cleaning services answered, as well as discuss your cleaning budget. Together, we go over which cleaning options are precisely right for you.

The best part about our cleaning consultation is it's absolutely FREE. It's also the easiest way to let customers make sure they get a custom cleaning experience every time they use the services of Merry Maids of Oakville. It is through such open communication that we build customer relationships that last for years.

When you choose Merry Maids of Oakville, you're also getting the peace of mind that comes with environmentally friendly tools and cleaning techniques, delivering consistent quality, every visit.

Do you only need a one-time cleaning before a big event at your home? Or maybe a regularly scheduled cleaning option? Our weekly cleaning, biweekly cleaning or 4 weekly cleaning services can fulfill whatever cleaning timetable you wish. We have something for everyone.

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With Merry Maids of Hamilton, you can count on quality house cleaning however and whenever it suits you.